Cobweb (hellocobweb) wrote in jpopatakon,

Camino Cancellation, pt. 2

I HATE sequels.

Due to circumstances way beyond anyone's control, Camino will be unable to make it to Headhunter's in Austin tonight. Camino and their staff are very, very sorry, especially for the short notice: they have been working up to pretty much the last possible minute to work out a way to do the show.

The band wishes to extend their most humble and heartfelt apologies to the staff of Headhunter's, the members of Same Day Service for their help and support, and most especially to their fans and friends, without whom absolutely nothing would be possible under even the best of circumstances.


More information to be released as I have it. I can't even begin to find words for how awful I feel for having to do this to you guys, especially twice. "I'm sorry," is way too trite and inadequate. I'll do my best to keep you guys up-to-date.

(Oh, and before you guys get too worried, no, no one died/got kidnapped by aliens/eaten by Godzilla/etc. It's just one of those colossal "stuff happens" things that we all love so well.)

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